Urban Barber Battle Six

We are excited to bring you “Urban Barber Battle 6” at Urban Barber College in Concord. 


Categories Description:

“Fastest Fade” 1.5 or 2 length on top of hair. Fade can be low, medium, or high & skin length on the sides. 15 minute set up, 10 minute battle, and 15 minute clean up time. Model Hair before battle must be longer than 4 all around.

“Total Look”  This is a total look men’s haircut and style competition. You are expected to create a complete hair cut and head-to-toe fashion look (the attire must compliment the hairstyle). You will be judged on the entire presentation. You choose your theme for the presentation.  15 minute set up time, 45 minute battle time, and 15 minute clean up time. Cut must incorporate scissors and clippers,  Haircut will be graded on cuts and finished look/style.

“Freestyle Design” Any haircut, any design. Portraits & color enhancements are encouraged.

Razor work, product usage, use of blowdryer, SMA cleanliness, dress attire (themed?), all add to overall score. Max 10 people per battle.


10:00am Doors Open

10:30am – 12:00pm Miguel Rosas Wahl Education Team member will demonstrate Advanced Clipper Techniques using the newest Wahl Clippers and will then be available for one on one Q&A in classroom.

12:00pm – 1:00pm Miguel Rosas will have a Question & Answer session following his demonstration in a classroom for more in depth Wahl Education.

12:00pm – 1:00pm  Lici Lady Barber will teach how she has and you can “Dominate the Industry”

1:00pm – 2:00pm Arod Education Class “VIP Experience” Demonstate the full service Barber Experience using Elegance USA products. Elegance USA product knowledge Q & A.

2:30pm Fast Fade 10 min

3:00pm Student Fast Fade 15 min

4:00pm Freestyle Design 45 min

5:00pm Total Look 45 min

7:00pm Winners Announced

There will be Vendors & a Bar accepting cash payments.


8:00pm – 1:00am After party Celebration at Nica Lounge


Do you have a question about the battle? Need to talk to someone?


Phone: (925)-671-0121

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